Disclaimer: The following post may contain spoilers from the movie PICTURE PERFECT.

Just behave yourself and go and watch the movie in the cinema.

Growing up, my parents never allowed us to watch Nigerian movies, for obvious reasons.

However, we had this house help (Aunty Imaobong of blessed memory) who would borrow movies from the neighbors and sneak it in for us to watch while the parents were away.
It so happened that one night we went to bed and I was so terrified I couldn’t sleep.


I kept seeing small small children on the wall.

We had watched a Nigerian movie earlier in the day and in one of those scenes, a woman saw miniature children with Calabash entering into a statue in her living room.
I remember vividly the house help running to call the woman of the house,
“Madam! See small small pikin dey enter into the statue”
Apparently that’s where her mother in law had “tied her womb”.

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So that night I kept on seeing those children on the wall and nobody could convince me that it was the curtains casting shadows on the wall.
For a long time, I was nicknamed “small small pikin”.

As a personal rule, there are two things I can never use my money to buy: chewing gum & Nigerian movies
This year Nollywood has impressed me so much, I’m taking them off the ban list.
I’m excited about reviewing this movie because I didn’t recognize the names of any of the cast or the director, so I wasn’t watching with a biased mind.
The only person I recognized was Bisola’s ass (you know Bisola from BBNaija). Ehen!

One thing that shocked (and eventually pleased me) about the movie PICTURE PERFECT was that it is a Yoruba movie.
By that, I mean that 70% of the dialogue is in Yoruba.
There are subtitles of course so you won’t be lost too often.

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     2.  COMEDY
But I must confess that some of the jokes were lost on me because as you know, certain things lose their meaning when translated into English.
I think most people in the hall found the movie quite funny cos there was a lot of laughter. There was this particular girl who kept on laughing louder than everyone else.
I did laugh a bit, but I spent a greater part crying (I’d explain later)

The protagonists of the story delivered a compelling performance.
The lead male Jobe (played by Bola Ninalowo) needs to win an award for his stellar performance especially the one that brought me to tears.
The scene where for the umpteenth time, he was seen trying to convince the female lead Kunbi (played by Mary Njoku) to let him see his child was epic.
The whole hall was quiet when he delivered his lines in that scene.
It was that good.

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Overall the script was a good one.
Not too predictable. Not cliché-ish.

This is not your typical love story.

Ah-mazing style from the lead female, especially as they were trying to portray her as a stylist.

Again, not Wedding Party standard.
But who cares at this point?



** The beginning of the movie started out a bit too slow paced for me but I’m glad I chose to see it.

**PS now I see what all the fuss was about over Bisola’s ass.

I hope they paid her ass a special fee for guest appearance sha.
That girl is endowed and she can act too.
Hope to see more of her.

Star Rating
3/5 *


See trailer below