Banana Island Ghost Is An OK Movie


Disclaimer: The following post may contain spoilers from the movie Banana Island Ghost



Take a shot every time you hear the phrase “Banana Island” mentioned in the movie.


It was obvious the producers set out to make the audience laugh because the entire movie was littered with poorly delivered jokes/one liners that were often lost on the viewers.
More so the antics of Saidi Balogun and Akah Nnani as police officer/deputy grew a bit tiresome rather quickly.
However there were some memorable comedic moments delivered by yours truly, Chigul, that elicited laughter from the audience.
And then Akah Nnani redeemed himself towards the end where his performance as a bumbling deputy caused the entire hall to erupt in sporadic laughter.


Oh my word!
This was the best thing about the movie
The graphics were stunning, I kept saying WOW at every scene.
From the accident scene to the canoe scene to the scene where the ghost uses AI to take over Chigul’s car, the use of special effects was pure class for Nollywood standard.
The fight scenes were well choreographed.
Hats off to Cardoso Imagery, ace cinematographer who shot the movie.
He has set the standard for others and I sure hope they follow.

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Drone shot of accident scene in B. I. G


‘Chigul’ Chioma Omeruah is an entertainer and sometimes even a comedian, but an actress she is not.
Her performance in B.I.G was a tad mechanical and lackluster.
She must have changed accents like five times and switched personalities a dozen more.
She gave us a few good laughs though I’d give her that.

Patrick Diabuah did not disappoint in his role as The Ghost even though I felt he could have done more with it.

Bimbo Manuel was perhaps the one person who delivered a top notch performance in his “God given” role
I didn’t know God liked to dress like a Hausa man.


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It felt like I was watching a movie, an advert and a music video rolled in one.
The brand advertising in this movie was not subtle at all.
They literally did a Coca Cola commercial. Kilimanjaro and Cold Stone Creamery kept popping up in random scenes.
At least now we know where all the money for production came from.


The idea for the movie was a good one, very uncommon for Nollywood.
Well written too.
Tried to avoid the usual clichés.It was obvious the script was custom made for Chioma Omeruah and that’s OK.


The poker game was overshadowed by music and hurried scenes. It felt like something out of a music video.
We didn’t get to see the actual game in play.
The scene where Chigul sings at a benefit event was as plastic as her audience. It’s a No from me *in Simon’s voice*
Maybe it’s just me but the sound quality was a bit off in some scenes.

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– One minute we see Ijeoma (played by Chigul) beating up the ninja, next minute she has been shot by Mr King (we didn’t hear a gunshot). What gives?


Methinks this movie would have done better as a romantic comedy.
I liked the moral angle to the story which I doubt many people took note of.
While watching the movie, I overheard people make snide remarks about Chigul’s weight.
It goes to show that society’s idea of an epic love story is between a tall/dark/handsome guy and a curvy/fair/beautiful lady.
This movie made me appreciate that everyone deserves a chance to find true love, regardless of their shape and BMI.


Verdict: Banana Island Ghost is an OK movie.


Kakaki Star Rating