Videos from Dj Olu & Chime Amaechi’s Last Night Calls For More Questions About Their Demise


The news about the death of Davido’s three friends, Tagbo, Olu and Chime have been all up since lastweek…

These news have the talk of the town and the first was the news of the untimely demise of Tagbo Umeike, who was allegedly dumped by his friends at a Lagos hospital.

This news came into spotlight after after Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma took to her Instagram to call out Davido for allegedly dumping Tagbo’s corpse at a hospital and fleeing the scene. Ms Danjuma vowed that the musician’s financial clout will not stop her from getting justice for the deceased.

Days later, it was established that, but questions surrounding Tagbo’s death remain. There were claims the young man might have died as a result of the excessive alcohol he consumed at a party on the night of his passing, but new reports state that he died from suffocation…

What we have are more questions than answers. Caroline Danjuma on her part has ‘mended’ fences with Davido and also revealed that she is legally divorced and that the late Tagbo was her lover.

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As the reports about Tagbo were being digested, another shocker came in form of news about the deaths of DJ Olu (real name Olugbenga Abiodun), the son of billionaire businessman Dapo Abiodun, and his friend Chime Amaechi. Reports had it that Olu and Chime “were found dead…in a BMW car in a garage on Block B, Banana Island, Lagos”, adding that “blood was coming out of their noses and mouths.

Things then took a stranger turn when it was revealed that like Tagbo, DJ Olu and Chime also hung out with Davido. Then the Lagos State Police Command revealed that it recovered substances suspected to be hard drugs in the car the bodies of the young men were found in.

According to the Lagos State Acting Commissioner of Police, Edgar Imohimi, “there was no mark of violence on the bodies of the deceased”, however, “autopsies would be carried out to know the cause of death” and the substances found in the car would “be analysed.”

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But now, just as new reports indicate that Davido has been invited back to throw more light on the death of Tagbo, Olisa Blogazine received videos purportedly taken by DJ Olu and Chime on their last night on earth. Our source indicates that the videos, which showed them laughing and having fun, with no inkling that death was hovering, were recorded on their phones.

Beyond showing young men enjoying their youth and affluence, an intriguing part of the video showed boxes of money in the boot of their car. If this video was really taken on the same day the young men died, then it begs the question: what happened to the money? Is it tied to their death?

Then, there is the fact that the Nigerian police didn’t list boxes of money among the items found in the car with the young men.

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Also, those who know the young men, like Tagbo before them, insist that they were social drinkers, but weren’t into hard drugs.

As it is, the story keeps getting more intriguing and confusing at the same time. However, 3 young men with their lives ahead of them are dead, in unclear circumstances. Their families and the public deserve to know the truth. Hence the question: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?

Watch Video Below:

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