Zari Hassan’s Ex, Late Ivan Ssemwanga’s Grave Vandalized By Suspected Thieves [Photos]

Ugblizz learnt that the family of the late Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan’s Ex, is still living in complete fear and jeopardy after unknown assailants dag up Ssemwanga’s grave at his ancestral home in Kayunga in wee hours of Wednesday morning 6th December 2017.

It must be remembered that Ssemwanga’s family had hired security personnel fully armed to keep watch over Ivan’s grave for a period of time in a bid to preserve his sanctitude.

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This followed rumors that given individuals were planning to dig up the grave after Ivan being buried with lots of money that had been thrown in his final resting place by the Rich Gang crew as they bid farewell to the fallen city socialite.

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The former South African businessman passed on in May 2017 at the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, in South Africa after days in comma following an operation and despite the fact that he was buried with sums of money, they are uncertain whether Ssemwanga’s body was left intact in his eternal home.

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