Professor Johnbull: Career Choices – Season 5 Episode 2

This new episode of Professor Johnbull is aptly entitled Career Choices as it dissects the issue of career choices for children, giving parents and guardians, as well as career counsellors in public and private schools, tips of what is expected of them. It advises parents to avoid guiding the children and wards under their watch to follow a certain family pattern in career choices, or to follow career paths they consider more lucrative.

In his submission, Professor Johnbull condemns imposition of careers on children by parents who want their children to pursue a particular profession without taking into consideration, the passion and talents of the children.

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The academic, who incidentally prevents Old Captain (a cameo character in the Series) from imposing a footballing career on his son, Chukwuilodibe (another cameo character), whose interest is to become a biology teacher, says that the success of any career is not determined by the amount of money made but by career fulfilment and satisfaction.

KOK’s position is supported by other regular characters such as Olaniyi (Yomi Fash-Lanso), Mai Doya (Funky Mallam), Etuk (Imeh Bishop) and the professor’s daughter, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye), who all agree with Professor Johnbull that it is wrong for parents to impose careers on their children based on the background of the parents.

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The episode exposes why parents prefer some careers to others, and it is mostly because some people had succeeded in such careers in the past. However, Professor Johnbull dismisses this as not being true all the time. “There are unsuccessful footballers, unsuccessful pilots and unsuccessful medical doctors”, he argues.

Professor Johnbull says parents’ roles in choosing careers for their children should be restricted to exposing the children, through education and counselling, to a wide range of opportunities and thereafter allow such children to pursue careers for which they have the talent and passion.

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Other characters in Professor Johnbull who feature in Career Choices include Abadnego (Martins Nebo), Samson (Ogus Baba), Flash (Stephen Odimgba) and the new members of Professor Johnbull’s household, Nje (Angela Okorie) and Jeroboam, a.k.a Boam (Osita Iheme).